Posted by: proxeffect | August 29, 2009

I’m back in Canada. Now what?

Back in Canada: America’s Hat. And it feels (rather) great to be back. The sun is up from 7 in the morning straight on till 8:30 at night, and it’s amazing. I’m eager to get back to school and make mixes and get gigs to play. Anyway this is gonna be a long post…

So September 2009 will be home to two mix releases from me. Sock Rocker! 2, and Transit to Tokyo.

  • Sock Rocker is a minimix series I started earlier this year and it basically is just edgy electro/house that’s full of sockrocking energy and noise (the good kind). I’ve actually finished mixing Sock Rocker! 2 but I’m just waiting for next week to release it. Release date for this will be Thursday, September 03. Expect to hear this tune, this tune, and this tune.
  • Transit to Tokyo is a full CD mix filled with trance/progressive. The mix is structured to simulate a travel journey… More info on this next time. Release date is going to be September 17. So for now just chew on this promomix that’s now available through Soundcloud, and downloadable too.

I like putting plenty of thought into my mixes. I like progression. I like to start out mellow, build up to energy, and then spend some time cooling down. It’s kinda like an exercise workout!

What was summer’s biggest radio anthem… I Know You Want Me by Pitbull. By biggest I mean, most overplayed.

Have a good weekend.


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