Posted by: proxeffect | July 29, 2009

Upcoming Things…

So I’m glad that Eclectic Electric is nearing the 40th episode mark. And I’m planning to have a Michael Jackson tribute special for the 40th episode.

Running a 2-hour show every week is a large challenge! But I’m giving this show a lot of effort right now.

When I’m back in Canada, I plan to expand the show to my local uni’s radio show. And have live gigs at the on-campus bar to promote not just my music, but also the radio show.

Oh I’ve just listened to a pair of early-2000s albums from Four Tet. It is truly amazing… Go on Youtube and search for some of their material. I’m not the right guy for labelling, but I think they’re filed under indie/jazz/downtempo/electronica or something like that.

Another amazing record is Telefon Tel Aviv’s Immolate Yourself, which is truly emotional. It carries their signature sound from the first album, but brings out more of an indie kick.

Have you tried sleeping to the sound of Riceboy Sleeps? Or maybe waking up to their sound? The ambient sound really just reminds me of old photographs of me and my family in a large open field. That kind of thing…

Till next time,


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